It all starts with coffee

Coffee Coals are premium charcoal briquettes made from used coffee grounds for grilling. Keep reading below to understand why we’re so passionate about what we do.


Two pounds of Coffee Coals will burn at cooking temperature (between 350F-400F) for 60 minutes.

Traditional charcoal often takes over 20 minutes, but with our product your grill is ready to cook in 5-8 minutes. 

Coffee Coals delivers a smoky, charcoal taste, but the composition of the coffee grounds gives a unique, aromatic profile.

All Natural

Many charcoal companies use petroleum in their products, but not Coffee Coals; everything we use is all natural and safe. Because we don’t use petrochemicals, synthetic binders, or additives, our product presents no health risks.

Environmentally Responsible

Coffee Coals displaces one ton of used coffee grounds from land fills for every 100 bags sold. And it doesn’t end there... because we are all natural, after grilling you can use the ash to enrich your soil. Plants love the potassium and magnesium in it.

Bunch of Beans Burning Briquettes Seedling
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